This morning I took the dogs out for their walk and the wind chill must have been about 1 degree because it really sucked out there.  I had on many many layers of clothing, my down coat, a warm scarf, a hat and gloves and still it was really really cold and bitter.

And…as I was trying to get them to do their business, I was feeling a bit well, angry, that living in the city in the winter and having two dogs to walk is not exactly what I would call fun.

And…I love my dogs and they are my family and I worry about their health and they are the most loving creatures in the world.  And funny and excellent company.

So when I came home I was doing my readings and one of the things I read had to do with affirmations.  Sometimes I get really tired of people’s positive affirmations and their constant cheerfulness.  It’s boring, honestly.  Sometimes I want to say “haven’t you ever heard of a kanahura?”  (Spelling?)  It’s a Yiddish word that means roughly, if you brag too much and talk about something great, your life will turn to shit.  As in “My husband and I have the perfect marriage.  He loves everything about me.”  That means in six months you will find out he’s been schtupping your best friend for the last seven years.  Or “My ankles haven’t been bothering me for months” and then the next day you break your ankle. 

Still, in an effort to ward off the evil thoughts that have been consuming me as I walk the dogs in the wind chill of 1 degree this morning, and in the spirit of the reading I did, I will share some positive affirmations from Melody Beattie’s book “The Language of Letting Go.” 

“I love myself….I’m good enough….My life is good….I’m glad I’m alive today….what I want and need is coming to me…. I can….”  

Now say that out loud and then spit three times and toss salt over your shoulder.  Or is it pepper?