I’ll never forget the high-powered executive who had lost her way. She loved public speaking when she was younger but started dreading it. After a session of executive coaching with her, I noticed a shift. She became more confident —and more effective. By the end of the first day of training, she said, “Thank you for giving me back my voice. I’m so grateful.”

I have been a professional writer for over 25 years, writing mainly for television, theater and the Internet. I’ve worked for CBS and NBC; M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management, the United Nations Development Programme, and I am a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. Most of my work has been about effective communication, transformation, and the willingness to be a leader.

I love being a coach at Own the Room. It is so gratifying to see people who think that they are either just okay speakers or really bad ones or discouraged ones, like that executive, do a 180 by the end of the training. I love working with people individually and in our groups to help them become more self-assured in all areas of their lives.

Learning to be a great communicator is critical for everyone in leadership positions. My goal is to help you get there – to motivate and inspire others – and in turn, empower them to take on new possibilities for success.

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