The anniversary of my mom’s death was Saturday, June 9th and somehow the sadness of that didn’t hit me until this morning.  I woke up feeling very sad.

I opened the book “The Tools” where I’d left off and it talks about sadness…which is like having a black cloud over our head, which then blocks out all the sun.  That’s how I was feeling.   The antidote, they say, to the black cloud is gratitude and also connecting to a source, a higher power, or whatever that means to each of us.

It helped me to read that, but I still felt blue, so I took myself to Friends In Deed at noon.  It turned out that the topic of the Big Group at noon is grief.  So I had a good cry and now I have to deal with Lucy, who’s got so many health issues it’s hard to know where to begin.

Ah, life.  I am so grateful!  I am grateful for summer coming!  I am grateful that I had a good night’s sleep!  I am grateful for humor!  I am grateful for health!  I am grateful for dancing!

I can feel the black cloud opening up.  I really can.  Not fast enough, but it’s opening.

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