I just came back to The Corcoran Group, my old company, and I’m also working on a re-writing for the ending of the play.

Stressed out is how I’m feeling.  

I keep wondering how some people handle anxiety so well and others don’t.  I haven’t had time to do Pilates or Yoga, but I do still take time to run and always walk long distances.  Meditation also helps.  

I was talking to a good friend whose father is dying, and dying, and dying.  One day it looks like the end and the next day he’s feeling better and the truth is, no one knows.  I remember those days of watching my own mother and how difficult it was.  

It’s Monday morning, it rained hard all night and will probably continue to rain most of the day.  A week from today is my birthday and I guess one of the gifts of aging is that I really don’t mind.  I saw Jane Fonda’s TED talk on aging and it really expressed how I feel about it.  Dancing seems to be the best reflection of how alive I feel, how much joy and pleasure I experience when I dance.  Even with the bad knees and the aches and pains, it’s just so much fun.  

2 Thoughts on “On real estate and writing

  1. Happy early birthday and oh by the way….dance.

  2. Happy early birthday and oh by the way….dance.

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