It occurred to me just now, after reading an Op-ed in the Times today about stillness, that this blog began as an exploration into meditation and I haven’t written much about that in a long time.

Life got in the way and it became more about grief and the Friends In Deed mantra: “the only way out is through.” Well, one of their mantras.  Another one is: “the quality of our lives is not determined by the circumstances.”

I am still meditating although lately it’s been pretty difficult and I’m not sure why.  My mind seems to be wandering more and thoughts keep intruding.  I guess that’s always been true, but maybe because this year so much more has happened, I’ve been much busier with work and writing, it feels harder to just be quiet.  I am happy to report that this morning I went for a long walk by myself along the Hudson River and spent time just enjoying the river and the quiet.  For me now, stillness is not just about sitting in the morning in meditation, it’s about taking the time during the day, as often as I can, to just be quiet and not talking on my phone or checking emails.  

I like to try to focus on my breath and allow myself the luxury of sitting in silence.  It is a gift really, to take that time and appreciate how quiet it can be, even in the heart of New York City.

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