I got an email today from a friend who wrote:  “I’m glad to read that you are becoming happier, and (I) miss the more frequent blogs posts from the past.”  I guess it’s true that for a long time, I wrote about the day to day “suffering” and how I was getting through it and now that I truly am happier, I don’t have as much to write (whine) about.  I tried not to whine, but sometimes I think I just had to. 

Anyway, I am happier and I credit dancing.  We watched the Japanese film, “Shall We Dance” the other night and I loved it.  I’d seen it when it first came out and I loved it then too.  I related to the Japanese accountant who was feeling little joy in his life despite having everything he always wanted – a good marriage, a daughter, a wonderful home – but he discovered dancing and became obsessed with it.  Last night, I went to a dance at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) and had a ball.  I was talking to a woman who told me she started dancing when she lost her husband and it helped so much with the grief, she now wishes she could dance all the time.  She’s been studying for five years and was very good!  I look forward to every Thursday night and if there’s a dance, or a special one night class, I take it and I’ve learned so much in just two and a half months, I can’t believe it. 

The interesting news my friend told me in his email is that recently he’d met a woman he really likes.  Years ago we both talked about going on Match.com and how frustrating it is.  Turns out he didn’t have to — he was fixed up by a co-worker, the woman’s daughter!  I guess that just shows you, you never know what life has in store and you might as well enjoy each day and do what you love and make the best of your life as it is.  I am so happy for him, I really hope that the relationship continues – he sounds so excited.  Yay!  Becoming happier…it’s a lovely thing.  I’m grateful that for today, despite the fact that it’s freezing out, and there’s still so much to be sad about in the world – I can appreciate all the blessings in my life. 

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