November 2, 2011.  Last night I went to see my old therapist, Mike Eigen, and to tell him what has been going on in my life  It’s kind of like a check-up, a tune-up – a quick “this is where I am and what’s happening” and it feels so good to see him.

Life feels so much better than it did two years ago.  I have to get a biopsy on my breast soon which I am not looking forward to. Work remains an exercise in problem solving.  I haven’t met the love of my life.  I’m still lonely some days.  Lucy, my beloved beagle, is sixteen and a half, and though she runs down our hallway like a greyhound, she is constantly getting urinary tract infections. 

I worry about our country, the next election, the world, the mess it’s all in.  I feel uplifted by Occupy Wall Street and the change in conversation we seem to be having. 

I am grateful.  I like the people I work with.  I like that I have time each morning to write.  I am hopeful that my play will have a life, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too.  I’m grateful that I got to see my daughter last month in beautiful San Francisco and spend some time with her and her friends.  I’m grateful that I am going to Miami next weekend with my Mama Gena friends.  I walked through Central Park late yesterday afternoon and the leaves haven’t barely begun to change.  

Just when I feel like I’ve turned a corner, another one presents itself. I like the metaphor of riding the waves.  Sometimes they are perfect and challenging, thrilling to ride. And sometimes I wipe out.  Right now, it feels like the waves are fine.  It’s a beautiful autumn day and I am just so grateful for so many good things in my life and for the opportunity to be of service.   

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