Last night, I was watching “The Daily Show” and clips from the Republican debate.  What can you say about these debates other than you wish these people were running for office in another country?  Some country whose name you can’t pronounce, preferably on another planet.  

I’ve been to Occupy Wall Street a few times, marched, I’m glad that they have have managed to change the conversation from what it was a few months ago (the debt ceiling) to jobs and the issue of money and inequality, but it’s hard not to feel incredibly hopeless about how we are going to fix the mess we’re in.

I’d like to make this blog funnier.  I’m grateful that people like Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Steven Colbert can find humor in the political scene.  I am still reeling from seeing “Miss Representation” – the documentary about women in our culture, the way we are portrayed, the lack of power we have even though we are 51% of the population.  I’d love to be able to laugh more, which brings me to news about my play, it is moving along.  As Robert at Friends In Deed says, “…totally committed, completely unattached.”  I hope SE gets to have a production and at this point, it’s out of my hands.  I’m so grateful for all the people who are working so hard and having meetings to get it up.

We need to laugh.  We need to remember what’s important and sit quietly with all the feelings.  I always try to fight the sadness rather than embrace it.  I’m sad that so many people all over the world are struggling.

Pema Chodron says in our meditation practices we can “breathe in suffering and breathe out God.”  So that’s what I try to do every morning in my imperfect practice.  I don’t know if that helps anyone other than me, but it’s good to remember.

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