I recently found out that a dear friend, a man who has been there for me so many times over the past eight years, has been dealing with cancer.

He’s finished with radiation and they’re certain it hasn’t spread.  It’s next to a bone in his leg though and the radiation caused damage to the bone, so he is now living with some pretty intense pain, which makes it difficult to walk.

I just want to say how much I am praying for my friend.  He’s been a huge support to many people and now I hope we can all repay him in whatever way he will let us.

If anyone has suggestions about how best to be of service to someone who really resists asking for help, please let me know.


3 Thoughts on “The difficult “C”

  1. Food is good, especially if he doesn’t feel like standing to cook.

  2. I was thinking of food, even though I’m not the greatest cook, I could make something healthy. Thanks!

  3. From someone who is ever so resistant to asking for help. Send him a card, note or small gift – something you see at a flea market that reminds you of him or just a token with a shared meaning, which you both understand.

    In my roughest of times, knowing people “get” me was all it took. But food is great too!

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