The New York Times reported yesterday that women who drink coffee are less likely to be depressed. This is news?  Coffee got me out of bed and moving for years.  I didn’t drink it for many years and a couple of those years I was extremely depressed. 

Don’t Buddhist monks drink green tea all the time?  Caffeine is the most addictive psycho-active drug in the world.  According to the article, “further research studies will be needed to understand caffeine’s affects.”  Why don’t they just drink a cup?  And save the hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be wasted on more studies?  And why don’t they talk about men?  Men drink just as much coffee as women. 

I’m going to San Francisco next week to visit my daughter, who used to work in a coffee house.  I will do my own studies there, since there are coffee houses on almost every corner. 

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