I don’t believe that there are any words that I can write that will have much meaning, I think that the images of that day and probably the images that we’ll see today will be far more moving than anything I can say.

I am angry that ten years later we have gone down a path that we should never have gone down and that rather than finding a way to communicate and come to some kind of peaceful co-existence in a very fragile world, we have only added violence to violence.  

Some days I feel despair about the state of the world and then other days, when I think about the spiritual leaders who have come forward, like Eckhart Tolle and Pema Chodron, and the increased interest in meditation and prayer and non-violent communication, I think that maybe there is a growing movement for change and peace.  

My personal life has changed dramatically since that beautiful summer day in September that turned into a nightmare.  These past few difficult years for me have been an opportunity for spiritual growth.  For the hundreds of thousands around the world who lost their loved ones senselessly, in wars and violence that never should have happened, I don’t know how they have found their way through it.  

I hope their lives have been transformed in wondrous ways – as often happens when catastrophes occur.  

I know that some of them have found support through their connections with each other. I read somewhere recently, that crying with others around you is healing.  I found that through Friends In Deed. I wish there were thousands of FIDs around the world.

Really, there are no words. 

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