The combination of meditation and Steve Chandler’s line yesterday about figuring out the perfect day, every day, gave me the opportunity to let go of my anger towards my ex (who will from now on be known as E – which I will explain sometime soon.)  

I had a perfect day yesterday – the weather was unbelievably gorgeous.  I met with a lovely couple who need to sell their loft, a 5th floor walk-up.  We sat for an hour and talked about life and real estate, too, of course.  One of my favorite things about real estate is that you really get to know all kinds of people – quickly – because you become so involved in their lives.

I went to the office for just a couple of hours and worked hard and then left, came home to Lucy and went for a walk.  It was too beautiful to stay home last night, so I went to a “meet-up” which involves many single people crowded onto a roof of a hotel.  It was so not pleasurable, I left after twenty minutes and walked home along the river.  

Every night I write at least three things I’m grateful for and it’s always easy to think of more.  I wish that I could contribute more in the world, send more money to the horn of Africa, fix the government, work on climate control – I wish I had those skills.  But for right now, I’m meditating, sending out good thoughts into the world, trying to make a perfect day, a day at a time, and letting the years take care of themselves.  And I am so grateful for my daughter, my home, my job, my writing, my friends, NYC, my beloved Lucy, my health, all the lessons I’ve had these past few years, summertime, tomatoes, fruit, my iPhone which allows me to listen to music, call people and take photographs.

Today is another beautiful day.  Park Avenue is closed to traffic, so I’m going to get on my bike and ride uptown and then downtown on the west side.  And I will turn many corners.  

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