This morning I woke up with a headache and with fear.  I read that The S & P lowered the U.S.’s rating and I immediately went deeper into fear.

Fear has a way of expanding in record time.  One minute you feel a little sad, a little headache-y and the next minute, you’re thinking, “Life completely sucks, I just want to go to bed and never get up.”

So I did my mediation this morning and eventually I heard Pema Chodron’s voice say, “Sit with the fear.  Welcome it.  Don’t fight it.”  

And gradually the fear lifted a bit.  Not a lot, I’m still contemplating getting back into bed after I walk Lucy.  But then I thought about the ending of my play and I started writing and suddenly I was occupied and not thinking so much about the fear.

So the pain this morning led me to that.  I can’t erase fear, or escape it, I just have to sit with it and let it lead me to where I am supposed to be led.


I just did my daily readings and found this quote:

“Courage faces fear and thereby masters it.”  Martin Luther King

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