I’ve been in touch with Steve Chandler, the business coach who wrote two books I love – “Reinventing Yourself” and “Fearless.”  He sent me a couple of his books and CD’s.  I decided to start reading “Time Warrior” which, I believe, is his latest book.  The introduction talks about not putting things off for later, but simply doing them as they come along.  So I sent off my latest pages of the play, which I have re-written, to my writing partner and I will try to take care of everything as it comes along today and see how it goes.  

I did hear a great story about Pema Chodron yesterday.  A friend of mine is up in Nova Scotia, where a thousand people have come together to meditate.  Pema was speaking to them yesterday and someone’s cell phone went off right in the middle of her talk. The cell phone played a tune and she started dancing to it.  

Good lessons for life. 

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