Last night, I went out to ride my bike and I ran into a lovely friend on the bicycle path along the Hudson.  We rode together and then sat and watched the sunset.  We talked and laughed and went back to riding – it turned out to be a lovely night.  It was kind of a date, but not.  It was what a date should be – comfortable, relaxed, easy conversation.  It was fun!  He’s a nice guy, recently separated, dealing with some sadness but clear that the relationship had to end. 

Then this morning, on my way to Unity, walking up Broadway, I ran into my friend Judy who is visiting from Berkeley.  We went to high school together and re-connected on Facebook.  I mentioned I was going to Unity and invited her to come along and she said yes.  We had a lovely time together. 

And then after Judy and I said goodbye…I was walking down Broadway and I ran into another friend, Amy, who works for the Visiting Nurse Service of NY.  When my mother got sick, she was one of the first calls I made and she set up my mother’s care.  Her father died early this month and we talked about that.  I suggested she go to Friends In Deed – not just for her own loss, but also as a good resource for the VNS clients.  

It’s amazing how often I run into people in this small city of over 8 million people!  I love living here – even in the heat, even in the cold, even on days that I really can’t take the noise and the crowds, I still cannot think of a better place to live.  I can think of places I love to visit and vacation in, but for living, it’s NYC that’s my home.

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