It is, if you don’t think about the mess the country is in and the world and the Republicans and the stupid Democrats who don’t seem to know how to stand up to the devious and evil Republicans, and the deficit and so many problems that seem unsolvable with the people involved in government and the lobbyists.

It is summertime though, one of my favorite times of the year, so I’m going to just be grateful for great moments.  The other day I was walking upstate, near Rhinebeck, visiting a friend.  I was on a small country road and someone was having a 4th of July party. They had a live band, but I guess the band took a break and suddenly I could hear Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World.”  I was standing close to a waterfall, and the afternoon light was perfect.  I stopped on the road and just stood still, listened until the song finished.  It was one of those really special moments, beautiful setting, Louis Armstrong singing, a perfect moment.

And then a few days later, I went bike riding in Central Park with my friend, Karen.  We rode around the loop twice and sat and talked under a tree afterward.  And in the distance, we could hear a violinist playing.  I am going to try to go to Central Park and ride as often as I can this summer.  I miss Zoe, who used to be my riding companion, but I’m grateful that I have other friends who like to ride.

And I absolutely love summer.    

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  1. Wow! Talk about a posting knkoicng my socks off!

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