I was reading Steve Chandler’s book “Fearless” this morning and the message was about doing. Not dreaming about doing, not planning to do, not thinking about doing, but just doing.  Whatever you can.  One small thing, one big thing, a few small things – just do.  

I’m still having days when I feel lost and sad, but they are fewer and farther between.  Mostly I am doing and I’m enjoying it.  Brene Brown’s book, “The Gifts of Imperfection” is also great – because knowing that you can take risks and put yourself out there (despite whatever feelings come up) is the only way to live a “whole-hearted life.” 

I spent last night mostly feeling sorry for myself and watched a “Friday Night Lights” marathon, but the writing was so good it inspired me — and this morning I woke up, posted on Facebook that we are having a second reading of “Scrambled Eggs” on June 2nd – invited people to the reading, wrote to my co-writer, decided to sign up again for Match.com and this time actually go on some dates, and accepted how little control I have over the outcome of anything, all I can do is take actions.  Small actions, big actions – any kind of action counts.  And today, I’m going to see “Bridesmaids” because I could really use a good laugh! 


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