I was thinking the other day how difficult it is to be in a holding pattern.  Every morning I read a few daily readers and I found this passage in Melody Beattie’s book, “The Language of Letting Go,” which changed my attitude:

“Wait.  If the time is not right, the way is not clear, the answer or decision not consistent, wait.
We may feel a sense of urgency.  We may want to resolve the issue by doing something – anything now, but that action is not in our best interest.
Living with confusion or unsolved problems is difficult.  It is easier to resolve things.  But making a decision too soon, doing something before it’s time, means we may have to go back and redo it.
If the time is not right, wait.  If the way is not clear, do not plunge forward.  If the answer or decision feels muddy, wait. 
In this new way of life, there is a Guiding Force.  We do not ever have to move too soon or move out of harmony.  Waiting is an action – a positive, forceful action.
Often, waiting is a God-guided action, one with as much power as a decision, and more power than an urgent, ill-timed decision. 
We do not have to pressure ourselves by insisting that we do or know something before it’s time.  When it’s time, we will know.  We will move into that time naturally and harmoniously.  We will have peace and consistency.  We will feel empowered in a way we do not feel today.
Deal with the panic, the urgency, the fear; do not let them control or dictate decisions.
Waiting isn’t easy.  It isn’t fun.  But waiting is often necessary to get what we want.  It is not deadtime; it is not downtime.  The answer will come.  The power will come.  The time will come.  And it will be right.
Today, I will wait, if waiting is the action I need in order to take care of myself.  I will know that I am taking a positive, forceful action by waiting until the time is right.  God, help me let go of my fear, urgency, and panic.  Help me learn the art of waiting until the time is right.  Help me learn timing.


3 Thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Once again Robin, you’ve delivered the message I needed to hear. I am trying to wait right now and I’m scared, which causes me to react and make plans. So I will wait a little longer and I will be with my fear and I will accept.

    But damn, it’s hard.

  2. Yes, it is damn hard. I agree.

  3. What great advice!

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