…and I am so proud of her.  She’s a person I admire and love. I respect her talents and her kindness.  I love her enthusiasm for life and for art, her loyalty to her friends, her intelligence and curiosity.  I enjoy being with her whenever we are together.  A walk in the park is a huge adventure to us.  We always have something to talk about and we have many things in common and many differences.  

She is coming to stay with me next week and I am so excited to see her.  This is the longest amount of time we’ve been apart and she has created a fantastic life for herself in San Francisco.  I look forward to visiting her there and meeting her roommates and seeing her apartment.  Lucy and Lola, our beagles, will be out of their minds when she walks in the door.

I remember that day she was born – at 11:11 am – and the first time I saw her.  She only weighed 6 lbs. 4 ounces and she looked a bit scrawny and had a very pointed cone head.  I’m so happy that I will see her next week and be able to give her a big hug. 


One Thought on “Today is the day my daughter was born 22 years ago…

  1. This made me cry! Love you both – so glad you get to see your girl soon!

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