Earlier today I wrote a post about receiving a summons from my ex, suing me for divorce in the state of California.  I was expecting Zoe at the door, arriving from the airport, and instead, I got a summons.  It was my first time ever being served and it was quite a surreal experience.  (It turned out that Zoe is actually coming tonight on the red eye and will arrive tomorrow morning.  Thank God, because it was a difficult day.)

I wrote about the description my ex gave of me to the process server, which was actually quite flattering (especially given the description I would have given of him.)  But after I wrote the post, a friend of mine was appalled and said to me, “What would Pema say?”  So I thought about it and removed that blog post, but I thought I would put in a You Tube video of Pema talking about her own divorce and how she became a Buddhist nun.

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