My meditation practice is terribly out of control.  I try, in the early morning, to meditate for at least fifteen or twenty minutes and I was successful at that for a long time.

But now, for some reason, I can’t stop the chatter in my brain and I keep wanting to go on-line and look at the NY Times, or waste time on Facebook, or check email, or look at my astrological chart, or see what kind of camera Amazon is having a discount on, or whatever.

So, I am taking a vow, that right after I walk the dogs this morning, I’m going to come back and shut everything off (I may quickly check the camera deals first) and then sit and breathe and allow myself that time.  I don’t know why I resist it, I always feel better and it’s a lot easier than running three miles or taking a yoga class.  Five minutes can be enough – it’s just about taking that time and allowing myself the luxury of being in the moment without cluttering my mind with nonsense.  Or allowing the nonsense to pass through without adding to it.

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