I don’t know what to say about this really except that it’s amazing how easy it is to get back into the dating scene these days, if you’re open.  It’s lovely that I have so many men in my life who I genuinely like and who seem to like me.  It’s fun to get to know people and I have a better sense of what I need in a man.  I need a man who makes me laugh and a man with big appetites for life – food, fun, experiences, adventure, connection.  I need a kind man, a man who isn’t afraid to be open with his feelings and likes to communicate.  A man with a big heart, who’s also smart.  I don’t think that’s impossible to find, do you?

And I hope he’d be willing to dance on the table if we ever went together to Opa in Miami Beach, or he’d at least enjoy watching me having fun dancing on the tables!  

I’m writing every day now and I have to say, today’s writing made me cry but it felt so good to just let the words flow.  I love first drafts because for me, they are as Hemingway said, “always shit” – but they give me a sense of what I want to say and I don’t judge anything (too much) as I write a first draft.

There’s plenty of time for that later, when I get to the later drafts.  Sometimes I think I should just be writing and not dating, but then life would feel pretty serious and I’ve had serious for too long.


3 Thoughts on “Dating again

  1. Do it all…I’m back to dating, I seem to be a serial dater…try someone on for a few months see how they fit…

    good luck, have fun and of course you can write and date.

    much love

  2. Wow! Dating! I’m so excited for you. You get to have two lives stedda the usual one. I’m jealous!

  3. I know!! It’s crazy…who knew? I’m having so much fun after the hell(ish) past few years, this is a big gift of pleasure and exploration! I am so grateful. We’ll have lunch and I’ll tell you all the good stuff.

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