I don’t know why, but it seems like good things are happening all around me.  Today I got a call for a free massage at Friends in Deed and a trainer at my gym offered me a free training session.  And tonight there’s a lecture by August Gold, who’s supposed to be a fantastic speaker.  She’s steeped in Unity and Buddhist teachings. 

I ran into someone on the street who I was happy to see and I receive beautiful emails from friends – men and women.  I got taken out two nights this week – once to the wine bar on Monday night (where we were given ridiculously enormous amounts of delicious free food) and last night to a screening and a fabulous dinner at North Square.

I started working on a book idea that Abigail, my loft mate and I have, and it feels great to be writing.  Spring is only TWO weeks away!  My beloved daughter is coming for a visit in only THREE weeks.  

I am waiting for Governor Patterson to resign.  He and his associates did something really wrong to a woman who was physically abused.  They abused her just as much as her boyfriend did.  He should not be our governor and I predict he will resign very soon.  He better!

I guess it’s really a good time to be grateful for having this blog, which has chronicled this journey I’ve been on (not the real dirt – that will come out in the book.)  It’s been a good source of sanity for me and perhaps helpful to a few people who read it.  I’m grateful to people have said that they’ve enjoyed reading it.  I’m grateful for having a home, so many good friends, my health (I ran 3 miles in 36 minutes today – and if I don’t have a heart attack, I should be in really good shape soon.)  It feels amazingly great to run and have that endorphin rush.

Even though today is a gray day, it’s not bothering me.  I’m living in the present moment and not in the future or the past.  I keep learning lessons and my best discovery is that often the worst times really can lead to the greatest life lessons and joy.  

Hopefully, this difficult period in our country’s history will lead to some positive changes as well. 

One Thought on “A year of gain

  1. Glad to hear your gratefulness. It is beautiful.

    Looking forward to the book and the real dirt…

    much love

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