Update:  I am feeling much much better, even though it’s February 3 – and I hate this month and I’m getting a little tired of winter (even though it’s been quite easy here.)  And I had to spend $2,000 today on that same tooth that had root canal a few weeks ago, now I have a post and a new crown to pay for.  

But – on the other hand, I’m watching Jon Stewart now and I love John Oliver.  And I went to yoga on Monday and after the class I told the teacher how old I am and he said “Wow, you look amazing!  You’re going to kick ass in a couple of weeks..”  or something like that.  Which is so un-yoga of him and a terrible thing to tell me, since I am so competitive.  But I have to say that I really did kind of enjoy the class, even though it was so hard.  And I’m running now on the treadmill too, which I love. Thirty minutes at a pretty good pace, it’s amazing how much more I can feel the endorphins, even writing about it gets me excited.  

So personally, I am feeling good.  But I have to find work and get a good income. It’s been a hell of a year, but I’m starting to see that all the hard work I’ve done is paying off.  I’d like to volunteer somewhere that will utilize all that I’ve learned at Friends In Deed. I feel like I’ve been studying grief and coping for the last year, as I’ve sat in meetings.  And I’ve met so many wonderful people. 

I know that the Haitian people are still struggling and it’s going to take a very long time until life gets better there.  And we still have no health care bill, the economy is still not great and many people are still out of work. There was a warning tonight on the evening news about heightened concerns about a terrorist attack in this country.  

I’m looking at the glass and it’s half full and half empty.  But maybe slightly more full…because my daughter is coming to visit me next month and I couldn’t be happier! 

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