…or it would have been if we were still married.  (Well, we are legally, but not in reality.) You know what?  It’s good!  We loved each other when we got married twenty-four years ago, and we had a beautiful daughter and a good life. And now it’s over and we’re each living the life we want to live and it’s all exactly as it should be.  I have had a great day so far, I worked on a video for a friend about global warming and alternative energy sources (she interviewed people and asked us questions – it was fun and challenging.)  I met a man for lunch and I’m going to meet another man for a drink.

I’m happier than I was a year ago and I’m sure my ex is too.  All I need is an income, for my play to get produced, my dogs to live a few more years, love in my life, my own home, my daughter to continue thriving and for the economic situation in this country to turn around.  Peace all over the world would be very nice too. 

I am so grateful for all the miracles in my life and for my friends and the love and support I receive every day. 

The lovely man I met for lunch today had a heart attack a year ago at 55.  He is grateful to be alive.  It’s a reminder that each day is a gift, even the challenging ones.  

p.s.  I met a nice man tonight from Match.com and then I spontaneously stopped by the Apple store and Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker and Marc Lawrence happened to be there to talk about their film “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”  They took questions from the audience and I asked Lawrence which filmmakers inspired him and he said the same ones I love: he said Billy Wilder “The Apartment” is one of the best films ever made, Woody Allen – “Annie Hall” a perfect film and James Brooks’ “Broadway News.”  These are all my favorites too. And Hugh Grant is so charming and funny, it was a pleasure to see them all.  

The bottom line is I had a very happy un-anniversary. 

2 Thoughts on “Today is my anniversary

  1. what a perfect nyc day. call when you have a chance in your busy life…miss you love, ruthie

  2. excellent report!

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