I love when women feel safe enough to be really honest about what’s going on in their lives.  My Mama Gena “Pod” – the group of “sister goddesses” that was created when we all took Mastery last year is the only “pod” that has stayed together past Mastery.  I think that is due mostly to our leader, N, a Harvard Business School grad who has created a supportive and caring climate that has enabled us to continue meeting every few months and have group phone calls.  Many of us went to Miami last month and we just always have fun together. Opa, the Greek restaurant where we all danced on the tables, remains one of our favorite experiences. 

Every one of us has challenges – two of us are going through difficult divorces, one has a husband with a serious and undiagnosed illness, one is starting up a new business and it’s been a struggle in this economy, one was out of work for a few years, one is learning how to date after being divorced for several years.  We have the tools we learned in Mastery – to call each other for support, to “spring clean” (pick a topic, talk about it for fifteen minutes, get everything out and have one other person listen without judgment), to make gratitude lists, take dance breaks, be of service, seek pleasure in each day and allow ourselves to sit with sadness, if that’s what we’re feeling.

But last night there wasn’t too much sadness as we all got dressed up and met at the Harvard Club for a delicious dinner and shared our stories – and were reminded how powerful sisterhood is.   

And I had Hasty Pudding for the first time in my life.  It’s made with cornmeal and molasses and I don’t know what else, but it was pretty tasty. 

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