Okay, I have to admit after 5 seasons of grudgingly and only occasionally enjoying “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and after reading my friend Mia’s strong support of the show on her blog (“Under the Stinkwood Tree”) – I ordered season 6 on Netflix.  And since I have a cold which is slowly improving, I thought it couldn’t hurt to laugh….but would the show actually make me laugh?  Or would I just find him annoying as I often do? 

The first episode, Larry and his wife invite a family, who have been displaced after a huge hurricane, to move in with them. I laughed my ass off.  (Which actually isn’t hard to do, since I’ve lost about twenty pounds this year.)

But seriously, this is funny.  Thanks, Larry.

2 Thoughts on “Curbed

  1. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for—the Curb for the common cold! Beware, though. Watch too much Curb, and you start to talk and walk like LD. His gait is like something out of an R. Crumb comic—upper body back, feet forward. Once you fall into it, it’s really hard to stop. Pretty, pretty, pretty good!

  2. I’m also in love with Susie Essman and Jeff Garland. Without them, I think there would be no show. As brilliant and funny as Larry is, whenever they come on they totally crack me up.

    So true about LD’s walk. It is so unique.

    It’s true! “Curb your cold!”

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