Our trip to Miami with 320 women coming together from all over the world to attend workshops with Regena Thomashauer (aka “Mama Gena”) was fantatic.  The time spent with the women I met last year in my pod was also very healing.  The message that we get at these gatherings is about women following their pleasure in all areas of their lives, their work, their relationships, their connections with other women, taking time to play, taking care of ourselves, supporting and helping each other to achieve our desires. I took a Nia dance/exercise class with Debbie Rosas, who created Nia and that was fantastic.  We went back to the Greek restaurant Opa again and brought more friends and everyone danced on the tables (including my friend’s seventy-something mom) and we all had a really fun night.  We swam in the ocean and the pool every day.  The weather was perfect.  Anthony Bourdain, my favorite foodie was at the hotel.  I haven’t felt so healthy in a long time.  My headaches disappeared and I stayed up late and my appetite came back.  It was a fantastic four days. 

And then last night, back in New York, my friend Emily and I went to see Robert Kennedy Jr. speak at Town Hall about the environment and about energy sources.  He calls himself a free venture capitalist and talks about the urgency to end our dependency on oil, to update the power grid, to increase our wind and solar sources and to stop allowing big business to control our lives.  He was articulate and funny and clearly knows what he’s talking about. And thank God that Obama is in the White House and beginning to make the changes we need to make to save our planet and that people like RFK Jr. and others are on the case. 

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