I’ve heard it said that people who have gone through particularly grueling life challenges are probably those who are in the “advanced class of life.”  They are people who can deal with some heavy duty problems.  My mother was one of those people. This morning, I read this paragraph in a book called “Healing After Loss.”

We have but to look around us and see the many others who have suffered losses.  They are legion.  They walk the streets with us, get on and off the bus, shop with us in the stores.  They have survived.  And some of them have been made stronger and are now pillars of support for others.”

3 Thoughts on “The advanced class of life

  1. Hmm, seems to me you are a member of the advanced class of life too.

  2. So true. My life coach as lost his parents, brothers, first wife, two divorces…he has been through so much loss.

    much love

  3. Yes, I guess I do belong in that class.

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