Well, I have to say, thanks to the wonders of the telephone, what started out to be a pretty depressing night, turned out to be quite fun.  I’m alone tonight – my apartment mate Abigail went to see “Wicked” with the company who’s staying here.  So I’ve been home alone with my two dogs and I spent the night on the phone with several friends, who were also home and we laughed and I was able to remember just how grateful I am for friends and for my new home and for all the blessings in my life.

I’ve been listening to music and really enjoying how beautiful our living room looks – I promise to add a photo soon.  My camera died and I have to get a new one, so I’m looking around for an inexpensive point and shoot camera.  

I’m looking forward to our little Thanksgiving gathering tomorrow – no family, just friends – and plenty of good food.  I am so grateful just to be alive and to have survived a pretty rough year.  

As Cy O’Neal said to me in Friends In Deed, and my friend Joe said the same thing tonight: I have a blank canvas and I am now starting to fill it with everything that I desire: caring friends, a lovely home, my dogs, an always loving relationship with my daughter (even when she’s WORKING and BUSY), writing, my community, an interesting future.  

I’m grateful to have this blog to write and for living in a great city, a city I love, filled with so many fascinating people.  In February, I’ll be whining about the cold, but for tonight – it’s quite perfect. 

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  1. Love you so much, Robin! I feel so thankful for your friendship!

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