Last night I went to Leonard Cohen’s final concert in the NYC area, at Madison Square Garden.  I went with a man I’d never met before, who drove in from New Hampshire, who originally invited my friend Karen because his wife couldn’t go, and because Karen is out of town, she suggested that I go instead. Got that?  The tickets were given to him as a gift, he adores Leonard Cohen, and he wanted to go to the concert with someone who would appreciate seeing him.

Wow, did I appreciate it seeing him.  It may have been the best concert I’ve been to in my life.  Leonard Cohen is seventy-five, he performed for over three hours, the musicians he shares the stage with are all unbelievably talented, and he couldn’t be more generous in giving them each time in the spotlight.  And his music…and his lyrics…he sold out Madison Square Garden – over 20,000 people who seemed to know every song.  I wish I could see him again.  He spent five years in a Zen Monastery.  He is a genius. 

Then this morning, I was reading “The Language of Letting Go” by Melody Beattie and I thought it was worth putting it on the blog today, in honor of the generous gifts I received last night and also during this entire challenging year:

 “Opening Ourselves to Love

Open ourselves to the love that is available to us.

We do not have to limit our sources of love, God and the Universe have an unlimited supply of what we need, including love.

When we are open to receiving love, we will begin to receive it.  It may come from the most surprising places, including from within ourselves.

We will be open to and aware of the love that is and has been there for us all along.  We will feel and appreciate the love from friends.  We will notice and enjoy the love that comes to us from family.  

We will be ready to receive love in our special love relationships too.  We do not have to accept love from unsafe people – people who will exploit us or with whom we don’t want to have relationships.  

But there is plenty of good love available – love that heals our heart, meets our needs, and makes our spirits sing.

We have denied ourselves too long.  We have been martyrs too long.  We have given so much and allowed ourselves to receive too little.  We have paid our dues.  It is time to continue the chain of giving and receiving by allowing ourselves to receive.

Today, I will open myself to the love that is coming to me from the Universe.  I will accept it and enjoy it when it comes.”

4 Thoughts on ““Opening Ourselves to Love”

  1. well, now that I know you’re open – here it comes: I love you, Friend. So glad you enjoyed the concert. I’ll bet it was amazing!

  2. Same here—sending you a big wet kiss! Enjoy!

  3. Ah, and I send love to you both too.
    Thank you!! We all need some love.

  4. Wow, I would have loved to have been there. Leonard Cohen is one of my favorites and how amazing he is still performing at 75…

    You know I love you, here with you every step of the way!

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