One of my greatest pleasures in life is to make people laugh, but lately I haven’t had too much of a sense of humor.  I should watch more funny movies and try to reawaken my inner comedian but it’s tough going when you’re not “in the mood.” This morming I played tennis with my dear tennis buddies and I have to say, I couldn’t concentrate at all or take much pleasure from the game.  (This isn’t the funny part.)  My tennis skirt was too big (a benefit of being depressed is the weight loss, which, I have to say is definitely one of the perks.)  

It does seem that life has been particularly rough in 2009 for many people.  Oh, now I remember what I wanted to write about: Friends In Deed.  I have been going there on and off for the past few years.  Friends In Deed is a non-profit center in Soho which helps people who are dealing with illness, care-giving or grief.  It started twenty years ago as a response to the AIDS/HIV crisis and has expanded over the years to include all illnesses, and to those who are caring for people.  Six times a week they offer “big groups” where people come to talk about whatever is going on for them. They also offer free counseling, massage, Reiki, volunteers who are available to go to doctor’s appointments, nutrition counseling. One of the sayings they have is that “the quality of life is not necessary determined by the circumstances of your life,” (or something like that.)  All I know is that when I go there, I generally have a good cry, listen to others, and empathize.  And I always feel better when I leave.  Sometimes we even have a good laugh, too, which is hard to believe, but true.  Then we are all grateful for the reminder that it’s possible to maintain a sense of humor in the midst of some pretty tragic circumstances. 

2 Thoughts on “Looking for the bright side

  1. Friend in Deed sounds fantastic.

    I find before going to bed saying grace and giving thanks before getting out of bed is a great way to lift my spirits.

    And then sometimes you just have to act “as if” by putting a smile on your face even when it feels like it is the last thing you want to do…

    sending you love and light

  2. Thanks, Stacey. I do have lots of gratitude every day – and I smile a lot, it helps! Thanks for your good wishes.

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