The past five days have been spent in a beautiful house in Cold Spring, New York, relaxing, reading, taking long walks and feeling some painful feelings. I wish I could skip the grief, the fear, the letting go, the worry, all of that shit, but I can’t. The only way out of it is through it, so they say.

It’s hard after twenty-five years to overturn one’s life and start over again. It’s hard to let go of the structures, the routines, the good times, the fantasies and come to terms with what’s real. I know that half of all marriages end this way, at least in this country, so it’s not like I’m breaking new ground here. It’s just new ground for me.

The support I’ve received from people who have been through this is amazing. It feels like anyone who knows what this is about is only more than happy to listen and offer advice and comfort. And I even heard from a friend the other day whose relationship just ended and I was able to help him as well.

I guess the message is that we are not in any of this alone, that there are people who help us through every day, and I am grateful for all the blessings in my life. Especially this past week, sitting the beauty of my surroundings and listening to the sound of the trees and the wind.

And – I’ve been watching “The Wire” with a friend and we’ve been mesmerized by the brilliant writing, acting and directing.

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  1. Robin, while many people do go through these experiences, not everyone has the courage you do to go through this time as consciously as possible. As you heal, you are healing others by example. Thanks for being a Jewish bodhisattva.
    Much love,

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