It’s so up and down these days. But today turned out to be fine, a good day. And tonight I went dancing at Lincoln Center’s outdoor dance festival, I think it’s called Midsummer Night’s Swing. There was a band from Kenya with kind of an African/Salsa beat and it was fun dancing under the stars and I actually enjoyed it. I went with two of my wonderful friends, Karen and Sharon (we all did Mama Gena’s together) and my other dear friend Annie from Vancouver, Washington, the most most fantastic photographer in the Portland area (the entire state) posted “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps” from Strictly Ballroom on her blog, so I thought it would be fun to post it here.

After we danced, we went across the street to Fiorello’s where we shared great food and wine (I had two glasses!) our waiter and I just got home. (oh, that was a typo.) It feels like Spain, where you eat late and stay out late and there are so many people out on the street, at restaurants, talking and having fun. I loved it. And the amazing thing is that Lincoln Center has been doing this outdoor dance festival in the month of July for at least five years, maybe more, maybe ten. And I have wanted to go every summer and I never did.

Tonight I went, I danced, and i had fun. And I will return.

And now, for Strictly Ballroom:

2 Thoughts on “It was a good day

  1. Robin – I think you are amazing. I love you dearly. I treasure your friendship. And I’m so glad you’re in my corner. But I need to clarify: I’m not the best photographer in the Portland area. I’m getting better, though! I’m pretty good. And that’s okay. I still have lots of room to grow, and that’s more exciting to me than being the best.

    I’m soooo glad you went and danced and experienced something you’ve been wanting to for such a long time. I love that you have so many friends to support and love on you – you are a rich woman. I really miss you, friend. I’m so happy that we are in touch, that you are writing about this time in your life. I’m so, so lucky to know you.

  2. Annie, I don’t know if you are reading the comments – but a little hyperbole is allowed with friends who are family. You truly are so gifted and have such a great eye, just as I think Charley is brilliantly talented and Joe-Henry is a genius.

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