After I wrote the last post, “The Summer of Grief, Part II” or “Grief: The Sequel” I thought, wow, how long are people going to be able to read this? This is getting tiresome for everyone, including me. You’d think I was living in a cave somewhere, with no food and no friends and nothing to do but mourn. I live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, surrounded by all kinds of people, parks, theater, music, summer, tonight I’m going dancing at Lincoln Center with some friends… enough whining.

So I am now choosing to be happy for at least one day. Or perhaps most of the day. Sometimes you can make the choice, even if you know it’s not going to necessarily last.

Yes, I lost my mother. Yes, I miss her. Yes to all the things I am going through. But it is the most perfect of summer days and I am choosing to be right here in this moment and excited about the day.

So forget the last post. Or read it and if you relate, I’m there with you. And if you are more into the joy of the day, I’m there with you too.

I hope I have a good story to tell you about the fantastic day I’m going to have. Or perhaps I’m just a big fat fraud and I will walk out the door and start crying.

Perhaps…perhaps…perhaps. Don’t you love that song? It’s in that fantastic movie about Australian ballroom dancing….Zoe, where are you? I need the name…it’s not Mad Hot Ballroom…it’s……………….help! It’s directed by Baz Luhrmann. Oh, I’ll google it right now. Hold on.

Thank you IMBD. “Strictly Ballroom.” Love that movie! Zoe and I love it.

And may I just add that I am so grateful for this fantastic week of amazing weather on the east coast. And raspberries. As my friend Annie reminded me, raspberries are awesome. As are cherries.

We’ll always have fruit.

3 Thoughts on “An apology

  1. Love you, love what you write about, don’t put anything on for us. I’ll keep coming back no matter what – you are a miracle, my friend!

  2. Gee, I like the sad Robin better. No, just joking. Glad you’re having the possibility of a good day!

  3. ps: put up a little treat for you over on my blog! Love you!

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