Okay, it’s not the arctic, but if you’ve read this blog you know I have a tendency to exaggerate. (And make many typos.) This morning, when I took the dogs out to the park for a walk it was about 15 degrees but felt like -2 (according to weather.com.) We just have to get through today (high 25 degrees) and tomorrow will practically balmy. (35 degrees.)

Anyway, I wanted to give an update on my two friends L and O. L went to Gilda’s Club yesterday after a harrowing weekend of feeling terrible from chemo. She finally decided it was time to go back to get support. Years ago, the first time she was diagnosed with cancer, she’d been a member of a group there and loved it. But she hadn’t been ready to go back until yesterday. After spending a few hours, talking to people, she said felt much better and will be joining a group that meets weekly.

And my friend O had laproscopic surgery yesterday and no cancer was found!

So – that’s very good news.

Steve is in Spain and his photography show has been postponed from March to September. I’m going to meet him there in a few weeks and that will be my first trip to Spain!

Today I’m going to a performance workshop and I may have to get up and do the first few minutes of my monologue. I’ll let you know how it goes. I have so much performance anxiety and this workshop teaches people how to cope with that and also how to better communicate with the audience. Scary.

One Thought on “Update from the arctic

  1. Stay warm,, friend! And Spain? Oh, I’d love to join you there! Some tapas and sangria! Yummmmmm.
    Have a great time at your workshop – you’ll do great!

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