I woke up, drank my cup of coffee, realized that my back is still killing me from my dancing experience this past weekend (where I tried to show that a fifty something woman could have starred in “Flashdance”) – and then I took my dogs out for their walk.

And that’s when I watched my cute little Lola fall down a long flight of stairs. Lola has arthritis and she has been having a slightly difficult time for the past few weeks going down the stairs. Any smart person would always have her on the leash so if she did start to fall, she wouldn’t go too far. But I am not a smart person, especially at 8 am. I was a sleepy person who wasn’t really functioning.

Lola looked completely shaken up, her right paw was obviously hurting her, so I carried her most of the walk and then waited until the vet’s office opened. They said to bring her in. (Naturally.) An hour and a half later, two x-rays, a thorough examination to the tune of $350 and some medication, she thankfully has no internal injuries or broken bones, just a sore leg.

My back is worse. I’ve never really had a bad back before, this is new to me. I’m getting on a plane in two days to go to Spain, leaving my very old, incontinent Lucy and my slightly injured Lola with Zoe, my newly turned 21 year-old. Pray for us.

2 Thoughts on “So far today

  1. Oh, honey. I’m so sorry. Safe travels, healing thoughts and good luck to Zoe! Love you guys.

  2. yikes…i had the most vivid dream last night about muffin. she was alive, well and energetic. god i loved that dog so much. 25 years later and she’s still with me. take lots of drugs and have a good flight!

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