I have nothing much to say today except that we haven’t seen the sun in what? Five days? If I lived in Seattle I would slit my wrists. December, January, February, I hate them all. Okay, December isn’t so bad because I like all the Christmas decorations, but right now it does seem as if the news is just constantly crazy and terrible (a governor SELLING a Senate seat?) Unemployment keeps going up, government bailouts to the tune of billions and billions. Even our broker said the word “depression.”

The morning is the worst time for me. Today was no exception. And my ipod broke two nights ago and I feel lost without it, so I’m heading over to Tech Serve to get it fixed.

I went to the Writers’ Guild Christmas party Tuesday night and it was also fairly gloomy. Last year it was at the Friar’s Club, which is a fantastic place. It was so crowded and everyone needed to party, because we were on strike. This year, I showed up in a teal sequined top (sooooo unlike me) and I felt like a Christmas tree compared to everyone there. And truthfully, I wanted to leave after ten minutes. But then a woman named Chi Chi, who was wearing a red sweater with a large sparkly pin and a lovely black beret said to me, “You look so hot in that fabulous top!!” And I realized I did look pretty good and rather than fading into the background, I put myself out there…which was extremely uncomfortable but also interesting. Chi Chi was there with a lovely young writer who had won three Emmys for writing for Chris Rock (she told us that, not him) and we had a fun conversation.

So at your next holiday party, I recommend showing up dressed like part of the decorations. It may brighten everyone’s spirits.

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