Random thoughts:

Tomorrow night at 7 pm, if Obama wins Virginia, we should be in good shape. If he loses this election, I believe that the voting machines are clearly being tampered with. Virginia’s polls say 50% for Obama, 45% for McCain. I hope they’re right.

Now that the show is over, I’m obsessing about the election and I don’t want to have the television on, but I can’t stop myself. Tonight and tomorrow night are going to be torturous and I just hope that we will have the results by midnight tomorrow. Two years of this is more than we can take. Even Obama doesn’t know what state he’s in. He said Ohio and he was in Florida. I’m sitting here nervously eating carrots, but I can tell you that today I went to the Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center and had a chocolate “Ho-Ho.” Which is their version of a real “Ho-Ho” and beyond delicious. It’s better than going to the Market Cafe and eating their piece of chocolate cake, which weighs about eight pounds.

Okay, John King’s got his map. Let me see what he says. Oh, he’s talking about the potential scenario of McCain winning. I don’t want to see this. It doesn’t seem possible. Good. Oh, now they’ve got Palin on, time to turn off the sound. At the end of this election, the two women who have made me completely nuts are Palin and Hasselbeck. They are both attractive, I’ll give them that…but not smart.

So… because I’m so exhausted from this weekend and I took a long walk in Central Park today and it’s so beautiful, I came home and have been sitting on the couch. I watched Oprah and according to a poll, 40 million couples have unsatisfying sex lives, that’s one in five couples. I think it’s more. How do we improve it? Work at it. I’d rather Javier Bardem come over one night while Steve’s out of town.

Oh….Obama’s grandmother just died. That is very sad. I’m so sorry for him. Terrible. I can’t believe she died a day before the election. Oh, he’s crying. Well, I guess no one can say he’s too unemotional.

Even in my office, the tension is so high. Someone mentioned in an email that there are phone banks at BAM (the Brooklyn Academy of Music) where people can make calls to talk to voters to support Obama. And someone else asked to be taken off the email list because she didn’t want to have political discussions, just as the president of the company sent an email asking us to vote in a company wide poll. So…tomorrow’s weekly meeting should be interesting. I may just go to BAM and make calls instead.

Okay, enough of my ramblings. I pray that tomorrow night at 7 pm Virginia goes for Obama and we can start inhaling again. And celebrating. Because this election and the state of this country is making us all crazy.

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