Sarah, You have no idea how many people are grateful for your nomination. Let’s start with Katie Couric. I have never heard her name mentioned as many times as I have in the last week. Everyone is talking about her – Katie’s interview, Katie Couric’s gotcha moments, she is probably beside herself with joy that she got those interviews.

And given how tired Bush jokes are, I’m sure that every comedian in this entire universe is grateful to have someone new to kick around. What about Tina Fey? Could her career get any hotter? When I watch you now, I think you are doing a Tina Fey imitation. Even I enjoy being you, answering questions like you, you are just so darn cute and folksy.

You know, if our futures and the futures’ of generations after us and the entire planet wasn’t at stake, I would say: thank you for being such a good sport. When people praised your mediocre performance last night in the debate I couldn’t help but think that a really smart and articulate fifth grader could have done just as well.

But what we need to remember is that today there are more important things to focus on (the economy, the House’s vote) and last night is over.

For me personally, we are starting to rehearse our solo shows and that is challenging and fun.

And I believe in my heart that the Democrats will prevail on November 4th.

2 Thoughts on “Sarah, thank you so much!

  1. Sarah Palin makes Dan Quayle look like a rocket scientist!

  2. You know, I have to admit that I was out last night and only saw the last thirty minutes of the debate. I taped it and was going to watch the first hour, but I didn’t really have the heart.

    You’re right though – Sarah does make Dan Quayle look like a genius!

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