I am scared. I know that moment tonight, right before I go on, I will have to face my fear and stand in front of that audience (sold out, twenty thousand at least) and go for it. And that moment will be very very terrifying until I get my first laugh. IF I get a first laugh. What if there are no laughs and people are crying?

Okay, I’m exaggerating about the number of people by about 19,650 but still…even if it were just one person, I would be scared.

Not to mention the election. If McCain wins that would be so wrong. So absolutely horribly impossibly wrong and the only way it could happen would be widespread voter fraud. Because no one with any brains would elect this man and his idiot running mate to run this country for four minutes, let alone four years. He need to retire to one of his fourteen houses and play golf, oh, never mind, he probably can’t. Checkers then. Okay, I know I’m being mean, but I am angry that really the undercurrent of this election is racism and fear and I’m angry that people buy into it. Obama is so clearly the right man to be elected – not because he’s perfect, but because he’s smart and so clearly a leader – and he’s got incredible people supporting him who will be part of his team and we need a big change. And we need it yesterday.

I feel a hyper sensitivity to life right now – partly because of the performance, but also because of what’s been happening in the world and because of the election. The other day I felt calm and the polls on threefiftyeight.com say that Obama has a really healthy lead.

But I’m not feeling so calm today.

I do love saying that Sarah Palin is a huge idiot and I despise Elisabeth Hasselbeck or whatever her name is. And McCain…well, sorry John, you and your campaign have self-destructed as far as I’m concerned.

Please let it be so….


One Thought on “Be brave, be very brave

  1. Can’t wait to hear how it went—and then see for myself on Saturday …

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