I’ve put myself on a restricted diet of television news and limit my NPR listening time as well, because I find that it overloads my brain and moves me into the territory of major anxiety. But I did want to say that while I was taking my shower just now I had a few ideas for this financial crisis we’re in. But now I can only remember one of them. Hopefully as the day progresses, I will have more.

First idea: all the CEO’s and top executives of companies that have gone bankrupt or needed bailouts, like AIG, Lehman, etc., should have to return every last dime of this year’s bonus to their employees. And EVERY company whose earning are in the red should not allow their top executives to receive ANY bonus money, that money should go to something – severance pay for employees who’ve lost their job, employees’ 401k’s, anywhere but their pockets. And that should be mandatory.

And why aren’t people more pissed off? I keep remembering that line in Michael Moore’s film SICKO about how people in France march against the government whenever they are mad about something and how we in America, feel afraid, or hopeless, or whatever.

Okay, I have to think of more ideas. Throw the bums out! Is my number one idea. They have brought this mess on and they deserve to be fired, tarred, broke and jailed. (And not in a country club jail.)

ANOTHER IDEA: Take the money that Iraq has in our banks and use it for the war. Stop spending another dime of US money. Period. Before we have no money left to use.

Question: Has anyone noticed that Obama seems to have disappeared lately from the news? No covers on magazines, no photos in newspapers, some television coverage, but he seems to be a little bit off the radar… why is that?

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  1. I wish you could make thiis happen!!!

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