Remember that song from “Dirty Dancing?” (Which reminds me that Patrick Swayze, who had pancreatic cancer, is in complete remission! Which is great!)

Anyway, I did truly have the time of my life last night, the night of our monologue show. It felt like that jump off the stage that Baby (Jennifer Grey) made right into Patrick Swayze’s arms. My jump felt like it went right into the arms of the audience. It only took me fifty plus years to find the thing that I love to do more than anything, stand up in front of an audience and act and do accents (not so well), and play different characters and most of all, make people laugh. That was….beyond awesome.

It wasn’t even scary. I just got up there and looked at the front row, which was filled with my daughter and my friends and I was off to the races (as Matt, my fantastic teacher, would say.)

I am so grateful to the people who came and I’m glad that some people couldn’t come because there will be another show. Soon! I promise. I’m not giving this up so fast. This is what I want to do and I will somehow figure out a way to accomplish it. And earn a good living. And travel. From my lips…

I was thrilled that my daughter Zoe was there. To see her laughing and really enjoying herself — that was the coup de grace. (sp?) As Jake’s mom used to say, “Love you madly, Zoe!”

I have to thank Matt Hoverman, for his incredible workshop. He is truly a gifted teacher, director and human being and he deserves to have all his shows produced all over the world.

One Thought on “I Had the Time of My Life!

  1. Congratulations, Robin. I am desperate to see your monologue! Take pity, and let me cop a peek? Maybe post a patch here? I think it’s so great that you took a risk and tried a new thing. So I guess Scrambled Eggs has a new star?

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