I wrote last Saturday about Dick Cavett’s piece in the NY Times about depression and as I was skimming through some of the many comments, one of them stayed with me. So I wanted to share the suggestions this writer had, since I’ve adopted many of them myself and they are so simple:

1. Exercise, very important. Every day, if possible.
2. Get some sun and if you can’t, take Vitamin D or fish oil. (Very good for you.) Also 5HTP. I have no idea what it is, but I’ve read that it’s a great natural antidepressant.
3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. (Except champagne, for a special occasion, if you drink alcohol at all.)
4. Be of service to someone else, daily.
5. Take a few minutes to meditate or just pay attention to your breathing.
6. Remember you are only one person in 6 billion on this planet. So don’t take yourself so seriously.
7. Enjoy art and nature. And food. Don’t forget good food…but not too much sugar, if possible.
8. Swim…or float, whenever you can. Just get in some water, even if it’s just in a bathtub.

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